Quality et safety

The AEVO Group carries out your building project without fuss

Safety arrangements at each of your building sites

Aevo is committed to continuous progress in trade risks.

Training is provided by bodies qualified to provide the best staff training in safety issues: safety certification (CACES), rescue worker - first-aid diplomas, training in erecting and dismantling scaffolding etc.

Aevo provides all building site staff with full personal and group protection equipment required to carry all sorts of work in complete safety (helmet, mask, goggles, gloves, earplugs, harness, parapets and more).

Protection equipment is regularly checked by the supervisory staff.


Quality control in carrying out your project

Quality assurance is handled by the production department and through efficient management of equipment.

Regular checks are carried out during each phase of construction on the both the quality of work carried out and of the materials delivered.

Quality is also handled through checks of on-site work and the work organisation, ascribing highest priority to the cleanliness of the building site and its facilities.

One of the important elements of the quality procedure is together with the client setting up "control points" for each key stage of the construction (foundations, elevation, framework) in order to ensure maximum compliance with the specifications.

Each deliverable is approved by the client using a special acceptance form.


Environmental approach

The AEVO Group is close to people and their environment

Your project monitored and controlled within its own environment

An Aevo Safety, Quality and Environmental manager is appointed for each building site.

Together with the operational managers he will define the specific procedures and equipment to be used and to prepare.

He carries out periodic site visits prior to each phase in order to suggest solutions and/or improvements and to ensure that the work is being carried out in accordance with good professional practice.

Waste is sorted at each building site. Waste is removed by transporters approved for each material for specialised treatment.

Minimisation of disturbances (risks of pollution, noise, dust etc) is the cornerstone of good management of the impact of building on the environment.