We have worked over several years in our various divisions to produce innovative and effective buildings that are suited to our clients' requirements.

Know-how and precision are the two pillars on which the growth of our business has been built.

We know that the greatest advances are not achieved through individual exploits but are the result of teamwork that brings out the best in everyone.

Aevo has a team of professionals all working towards a common aim, sharing the same corporate values and with the same enthusiasm to build.



The Aevo group

The history of a construction group

Set up in Besançon in 2005, Triome acted as a general building contractor for all types of construction, in both the private and public markets.

The Texia Construction Brick Work - Skeleton Division was started in 2007 to train specialised production teams.

The Axiom Sport division was created in 2008 and is responsible as a general contractor for the design and construction of sports facilities throughout France.

The arrival of Triome Montagne in 2009 rounded off this growth with the construction of infrastructure in the mountains.

The Aevo Group was set up in 2011 to follow up on new business activities.

In 2013, TRIOME Urban cable specialist of cable engineering born.

We seek to continue to grow our Group while continuously improving our quality.


Constructing the buldings of tomorrow

At the Aevo Group we want to promote the development of better techniques that meet users' expectations and are suited to the new constraints in building.

This approach reflects the commitment of a strong, diversified group looking resolutely to the future.